Students can enroll in individual course modules for their own interest and benefit, and in addition may obtain educational credit. Please see Academic Credit Arrangements on this site for more details of the credit arrangements.

Public Health U has attempted to devise a system for educational credit with the following criteria:

    -Comparable with levels offered by universities (for credibility purposes as well as to allow students to use this credit as approved prior learning to join university courses)
    -Appropriate to the needs of the workforce
Academic Achievement Awards will be given by Public Health U, and the Masters level award will provide eligibility to gain the EUCLID MPH. In addition, the credit system will provide a number of credits towards the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) (although it would be up to individual universities to decide whether they were prepared to provide credit for Public Health U awards towards enrollment in their courses).
The table below is a guide to how the system works. The hours we quote are notional only because everyone learns at a different speed, especially with online learning, where you study in your own time and at your own pace.


Weeks of Learning

Notional Learning Hours


ECTS Credits**

US Credits







Course Module (5 topics)






Certificate-Level Award (4 course modules)

40 (1 year part-time)





Diploma-Level Award (8 course modules)

80 (2 years part-time)





Dissertation (for Masters-Level Award in addition to Diploma)

40 (1 year part-time)





Total Masters-Level Program

120 (3 years part-time)





*Includes time for orientation and assignments

**European Credit Transfer System
There are two kinds of course modules to be offered, 'Foundation Sciences' (covering basic theory for public health practice), and 'Public Health Problems' (covering the major health problems to be found). 
A Certificate-level award can be made up of any combination of 4-course modules, but a Diploma-level award should contain at least 3-course modules from each group and 8 in total. A Dissertation module will allow those who have completed the Diploma-level award to upgrade to a Masters-level Academic Achievement Award in Public Health.




S. K. - NIGERIA - Consultant, Health Development
The modules have helped me in my work-related as a program officer implementing health project in a rural setting of eastern Kenya. I have created a network of friends that will last for a long time. This network will be useful in teaching career and share experience with new emerging information at global level. I will be able to access to latest research and emerging new developments and trends in the field of public health.
A. N. - CAMEROON - Team Leader, HIV Unit
I will utilize these skills in my public health practice to help me in looking at determinants of health from a wide perspective and also in my contribution in making evidence based public health policies....The knowledge and skills attained during the study of these modules will be of great use to me as a medical professional in public health and to my team of 24 officers who work under me in my current daily responsibilities.
Enrolling in this course has had a great impact on my ability to appraise and evaluate public health problems. I have learnt that research and planning are the bed rock of public health and besides the importance of combining research, healthcare professional and patient into a research team. I have used the knowledge gained in this course developed a health information search curriculum for the final year students of the School of Health Technology in my state. Also, I have been able to apply critical appraisal in solving public health interventions.
S. S. - INDIA - Surveillance Medical Officer, WHO
I will use the skills and expertise learnt from this MPH program to teach up-coming public health scientists with the desire to contribute to the poor and increasingly deteriorating public health situation in African countries where there is a paucity of well trained public health workers and most of whom cannot afford the high cost of public health training abroad.
D. O. - GAMBIA - Paediatrician, Medical Research Unit
I have been selected for the position of Nutrition Specialist with UNICEF. I must acknowledge the immense role PU-MMU played in enhancing my learning and skills. I am ever so grateful to all my tutors for guiding me throughout, and to the student support, helpdesk and IT teams for the backup support.